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TTS Road Transport: Transport of complete and partial shipments, composite and groupage transport by road and railway. Transport of goods by our own vehicles and vehicles of our sub contractors. Our vehicles have GPS devices for tracking of cargo and vehicle.

TTS Charter: We take over large quantities of cargo and campaign works from our co-operants.

TTS Customs: Providing all sorts of custom services at our terminal or at the outside borders of European Union at our partner's terminals. Reliable handling of all custom services concerning export, import, transit documentation and "neutralization of goods" in the shortest possible time. We also provide consultant services to our clients in the matters of customs and taxes.

TTS Logistics: Warehousing and distribution of goods, cargo reload at our own warehouse, supply logistics and JIT and JIS. We commission and deliver goods and communicate with Your software using TISYS platform.

TTS Express: Special services inside EU using vehicles with double crew. Direct transports with guaranteed delivery time.

TTS Special: Special transports per 4 meters width, 4 meters height and 20 meters length. Escort of special transports and permissions for such transports.

TTS Insurance: We provide customs registration marks for personal and cargo vehicles in export or import as well as appropriate insurance. We also provide transport and specific insurance.

These are the guidelines for our services:

  • Quick cargo load accross Europe
  • Reliable solutions even in remote regions of the continent
  • We use double crews when delivery time is short
  • Complete equipment for cargo insurance in accordance with all valid european laws
  • Our drivers are always available to you
  • Location of cargo and vehicles using GPS devices
  • Permits and custom service for all Eastern European countries

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